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Breast lift & implants

1 February at 14:32

peeps had my surgery at riverside clinic beginning of December 
im totally gutted 1 day after surgery I feel he has not done what I actually asked for and what he said I would get! 

This was my second surgery with transform first I was borderline needing a lift but chose to go for 520 implants which made me an f
after just 2 years I lost weight quickly and my right breast dropped to the side 
hence why I went back for the lift as see a number of surgeons stating I need a lift 

so went in for this I asked surgeon for lift and and implants 485 as I didn't want to drastically lose my size of breasts he said that there were be to big and to have the 425 and that I will have more of fuller look and more of a cleavage 

which unfortunately this is not the case I have 1 nipple bigger than the other they are flat no fuller look and no cleavage and my right breast still drops to the right!

im seeing surgeon 25th feb 3 months post op how shall I approach the situation with him 
please help 


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