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One boobs bigger than the other !!

3 February at 11:42

Hello girls 
I got my breast done a year this may, iv always had one boob bigger than the other, but I thought having breast surgery would even this problem out. I paid over £4000 paid for the better implants and everything. After surgery I felt great a couple of days later I finally took a good look at my new boobs, straight away I noticed that one was still bigger, I just thought one was more swollen. 
The more I healed the more I realised no one boob is defo still bigger, I went back after 8 weeks for check up and I told my surgeon about one being bigger and his reply was well there sisters not twins!! I didn't even no what to say, I'd just paid a fortune to have my boobs done that I'd waited 7 years to finally have done and to still not be happy is beyond a joke. I STILL can't wear low cut tops cos u can notice the different it's made me even more self conscious.
Not only that he went behind my musical told me he could only take me to 310cc that was a lie because my boobs still aren't as full as I'd of liked.
Only thing I can not complain about is my scar it's perfect and not noticeable.
What should I do next????? Any advice...


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